The office building features a total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of about36,000 sq m, excluding development density or Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) of 7.65. The proposed net leasable area is 26,500 sq m. The building consists of six (6) underground parking levels, a ground floor (GF), a mezzanine (M) and 10 typical office floors

Property Type: Office Building
Planned Floors: 6 Basements + Ground + Mezzanine + 10 Floors
Units: 98 Offices, 2 Showrooms, Coffee Shop, Health Club.
  • Gross Floor Area: 59,000 m2
  • Floor Plate Area: 2,980 m2 per Floor
  • Typical Floor Leasable Area: 2,470 m2 per Floor
  • Total Leasable Area: 29,250 m2 (including showrooms)
  • Floors: Basement (B6 B1) +GF + Mezzanine (M) + Typical Floors (L1-LI0)
  • Basement Levels: Six (6) underground parking levels (B1 to B6)
  • Ground Floor: Entrance hall, spacious lobby showroom and retail area
  • Mezzanine: Extension of GF, showrooms, coffee shop and green patio
  • Office Floor L1: Office space, gymnasium, coffee shop and outdoor patio
  • Office Floors L2 L10: Office space
  • Parking Ratio: 1 per 60 sqm
  • Parking Capacity: 440 cars (40 cars per vis itors parking for Basement I and 80 cars per
  • visitors parking in Basement 2-6)
  • Fa├žade: Full-height fa├žade
  • Atrium
  • Green Design